myBatik issue 17 Publisher Note

February 22nd, 2012

Having started in 2007, this is my fifth year as publisher of myBatik Magazine. Time has flown by.

This is a special issue- we consider the most happening story, featuring five icons from the creative industry and ask their opinions on the future of Batik. Many people foresee the batik industry slowing down in 2012, and here I would like to share my personal observations with you.

At the start of every year, when school starts up again, the batik industry in Malaysia slows down. This is because the parents, who love their children so much, spend a lot of their money to buy them new school uniforms, text books, school accessories and so on. This is what parents do- it is natural instinct.

Stop worrying about this, batik business owners, traders and manufacturers- stay calm, the market will come back soon. This year, Hari Raya comes earlier, in August, and Ramadhan will fall in July. The whole batik industry is getting excited right now, with only four months to go and the peak sales on the way.

So get ready- you had better be prepared.

Many people ask me:

“Since the opening of myBatik Café (Facebook:Batikartcafe)  in the National Textile Museum, Malaysia, and your recent project, the myBatik tour (Facebook: batiktour), how do you still have time to manage myBatik Magazine and travel to visit the batik producers as well? ”

I tell them that myBatik is a platform for the exchange of information. I love travel, I love to explore new ideas, start new ideas, overcome the challenges and learn new things.

For sure, I’ve got the best job in the world and that’s why I never burn out. I take my work as a hobby, watering this little plant day and night, watching how it grows. Right now, Batik has becomes my best friend in life.

I would like to thank my Advisor, Y.M. DPDS Sharifah, for her useful advice when I get a bit lost and confused in the business direction and also Jonathan S. Evans, the editor of myBatik, for his hard work in research, writing and editing. I feel glad to have both of you on my batik journey, to make myBatik a success story.

In March, if you would like to do some Malaysian Batik art and craft shopping, please do not forget about the National Craft Day which runs from 21 March till 2 April 2012.

Last but not least, my special thanks to the detergent company, Southern Lion, for bringing us TOP LITE with its special formula to take care of fine fabrics like Batik, keeping them vibrant and brand new.

To keep yourself up to date with Batik News, please visit & Facebook: myBatikmagazine

For this special fifth year of myBatik magazine, we would like to give away a gift to you all.  Bring along a copy of myBatik Magazine issue 17, and have a complimentary cup of coffee at myBatik Café- for location please refer to the back cover of myBatik magazine.

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