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  • myBatik new packaging

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  • myBatik Magazine issue 22~ May-June-July 2013

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  • my Wonderful Journey to India International Handwoven Fair 2013

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  • myBatik Tour: India International Handwoven Fair 2013, 5-7 March

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    India International Handwoven Fair 2013, 5-7 March

    India International Handwoven Fair 2013, 5-7 March

  • Press Release : myBatik Visitor Centre

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    myBatik Visitor Centre, an all-new city cultural centre, opens Dec 3rd, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur

    Members of the media are cordially invited to an open house from 3rd to 8th December 2012

    Kuala Lumpur. (Nov 30, 2012) — Kuala Lumpur’s newest cultural centre,myBatik Visitor Centre, an all-new concept in regional cultural center, will officially welcome its first guests on Monday, December 3rd, 2012, at Yayasan Seni, 333, Persiaran Ritchie off Jalan Ritchie,  Ampang Kuala Lumpur. myBatik Visitor Center, a center for arts, knowledge, entertainment, and culture, will engage people of all ages via the showcase of prestigious and world-class batik exhibitions in addition to exhibits, workshops and programs highlighting the unique heritage of the region. Yayasan Seni, which has been supporting Malaysian art and craft since 1983 is lending a hand by providing the venue for the cultural centre.

    “One major goal of the centre is to provide a True Malaysian Batik Experience for Malaysians and expatriates. It took me 8 years to develop the idea before bringing it to fruition. Located at a strategic location, the centre is only 5 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre and our target is to bring in 100 thousand visitors annually,” said Emilia Tan, managing director of myBatik Visitor Centre. “This exciting new addition to Kuala Lumpur’s cultural scene will be buzzing with both the featured exhibit and an electic mix of companion activities and events.”

    A new model for urban cultural centers the centre will feature a unique variety of changing exhibitions, special events, lectures, classes and weekend festivals.”As part of the exciting, ongoing revitalization of downtown Kuala Lumpur, myBatik Visitor Centre hopes to become a vibrant community and cultural landmark for the city, the country and beyond,” added Emilia. “Our goal to create a contemporary regional facility is about to become a reality and benefit batik artists and all of Malaysia.”

    myBatik Visitor Center visitors will marvel at beautiful batik paintings and exciting workshops hosted by various Malaysian and regional batik artists. “We plan to broaden people’s awareness of the matters and issues outside their immediate environment by introducing craft makers and home based artists and their works to art lovers. From January 2013 onwards, we plan to organize weekly Charity Art & Craft Bazaar and we are proud to work hand in hand with our event partner, Duta Exhibitions & Events” said Emilia Tan.

    “Artists & Craft makers they are creative and innovative, but come to marketing, we need to work hand in hand” add in by Amy Loo, the Director of Duta Exhibitions & Events.

    Presented concurrently with the media open house will be special themed weekends showcasing aspects of batik production such as a demonstration of Batik Canting by Emilia Tan, an artisan who specializes in recreating batik using authentic techniques and historical re-enactments of Malaysian history.

    For more information on myBatik Visitor Centre, please visit

    Event Info :

    myBatik Open House Media Week

    Date             :            3rd December till 8th December 2012

    Time            :            10am to 4pm

    Venue            :            myBatik Visitor Centre

    Note to Editors:  For news media inquiries and images, please contact:

    Amy Loo, Duta Exhibitions & Events

    Email :

    Mobile : +012-351 3003

    12-351 3003

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  • brand new myBatik

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  • myBatik issue 19

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  • Selamat Hari Raya. we closed on the first day of Raya…

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  • Emilia’s Talk for Terengganu Women Entrepreneur seminar, special invited by SME Corp. Malaysia.

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