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Charity Batik Workshop for aborigines

Charity Batik Workshop for aborigines

Why do I want to put on batik charity workshops ?

I always feel that I am very fortunate, to have a much better quality of life compared with many unfortunate people, especially orphans.

By quality of life, I mean- quality of family, quality of my work, high quality friends, the quality of my surroundings and my working environment.

Why do I want to work with Orphans?

Because these unfortunate children often have unhappy lives-they didn’t choose where they were born or the circumstances of their lives.  They didn’t get to choose their lives and are complete innocents.

How can batik help those unfortunate?

The joy of the batik workshop, the fun involved in painting a colourful piece of batik, will colour their life too.

When are the workshops?

On the  first Saturday of each month, starting from October 2011.

Who are our charity partners?

If you are interested in becoming  myBatik charity partners, please write to us at

myBatik Visitor Centre

myBatik Visitor Centre

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